Tolkien-Inspired Limericks

Some of these limericks are funny and some moving. All were written by Grey Havens members after a challenge was issued by member Katy Colby. Most were read at our Tolkien Reading Day Event.


A hobbit named Proudfoot did eat
every morsel his mouth did meet
he sat and grew fat
— and what’s wrong with that? —
though now he can’t see his Proudfeet.


Nimrodel sings soft and long
through currents of time deep and strong
and though she has fled
I believe she’s not dead-
at twilight I still hear her song…


An Eagle of powerful form
Fearlessly flew into a storm
Said he, “Manwe’s lightning
Might seem quite frightening
But I’m sure it will do me no —


A pony there once lived in Bree
Who wished to be free of Ferny.
He took up with some hobbits
With quest-er-ly habits
And now ‘Bill’ is more than happy.


I once knew a Hill-man named Andy
Who thought Saruman’s plan was just dandy.
He said to his mateys
“When we meet the ladies,
Should we woo them with flowers or candy?”


There once was a hobbit named Merry.
His feet, they were ever so hairy.
Sent out on a quest,
He did his darned best,
The ring, there to Mordor, helped carry.

There once was a hobbit named Pip.
He always was hungry, more kip!
One day we was walking,
And a’sudden stopped his talking,
For he’d found some nice pipeweed; took nip.

There once was a wizard of Grey.
Who, bravely, let his life fade away.
From Morgoth, a balrog
Mechanism of evil, a cog
And since became Gandalf the White, this day.

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