The Grey Havens Swan Ship Banner

The Grey Havens Swan Ship Banner

On the eve of the fall of Sauron, after setting up activity tables and seating at Barbed Wire Books for Tolkien Reading Day, Grey Havens adjourned to dinner at The Dickens.  There Courtney and Charles told the story of our banner.  Charles was inspired by Courtney’s Tolkien-themed scarf, and asked her to create a banner for Grey Havens.  He consulted with Kelly, who immediately suggested the swan ship as our group symbol, and Courtney proceeded to create this beautiful work of art!  The Grey Havens Group banner stands as a wonderful symbol of how we work together in friendship to create our communal mythology.  Our banner makes its debut appearance at today’s Tolkien Reading Day festivities.

Author: withywyndle

Linda lives in Longmont, Colorado with Talelmarhazad and their two cats, Rocky and Rico.

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