Introducing the Tolkien Society’s latest smial – Us!

Congrats to us! In the recent Amon Hen, the buletin of the Tolkien Society, we were recognized as a new smial, a local chapter. Below is the letter as graciously published in issue #234 (issn 0306-8781) written by yours truly, the unofficial and self-dubbed “Mouth” of The Grey Havens Group, introducing us:

Subject: Updates on The Grey Havens Group, a TS Smial in Colorado, USA

We have three Tolkien Society members, Kelly Cowling, Clay Evans, and myself, and about 38 total members. We’ve been getting together twice a month to discuss the Professor’s works for over a year now and figured it was high time to become an official smial! 

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We also wanted to update you about the great things our group and members have been doing. We’ve been reading through the Lord of the Rings at our regular meetings and last week we had a lively discussion on Chapter 4: The Siege of Gondor about Gandalf as pacifist, Grond, the contrast between Denethor and Gandalf, and the role of Pippin in Minas Tirith.

One of our members, Roger Echo-Hawk contributed a poem entitled “Summer Solstice” to the Summer 2011 edition of the Mythopoeic Society publication Mythic Circle. Clay Evans’ fiction piece, “Nen,” was featured in an Amon Hen not too long ago. Many of our members have written poems, posts and limericks and we hope to be able to submit them to Amon Hen and maybe even Mallorn.

In addition to our bimonthly meetings, we also have a monthly, more in depth meeting called Inklingsiana! where we discuss topics about the Inklings and other topics not discussed during the regular meetings. This month’s topic was “Mystery  Characters,” such as Tom Bombadil, Beorn and the Balrog and yielded some great discussion. In the future we hope to discuss Verlyn Flieger’s Green Suns and Faerie (once a few of us have read it!)

Next month, on Tolkien Reading day, 25 March, from noon to 4 pm, we’ll be holding an event at the local bookstore and our meeting place, Barbed Wire Books in Longmont, Colorado that will feature an open mic – reading passages from Tolkien’s works and performing songs and poems – a costume contest with prizes, a silent auction, and family-friendly crafts and games.


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  1. Welcome to the Tolkien Society! I hope you and your smial have a long and happy life with us, and that you might even make it over to Oxonmoot one of these years.

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