2 thoughts on “C C”

  1. The line “back unscrubbed” evokes loneliness very well since back-scrubbing is not something one can do for oneself. It brings to mind the bath scene in Crickhollow and reminds me how quickly and how far the Hobbits had to descend into hardship after their brief happiness together.

  2. Reading this stark minimalist poem, I naturally focus on the artifice of it, moving from the resonance of the three “l” sounds in the first line, to the tumbling of the “b” sounds, and on to the chopped “c” and “d” and “t” sounds in the last line. This liquid poem moves from a calm ripple to a swift brook to the splash of pebbles thrown into a lonesome pool. It is interesting to hear such a complex sonic effect emerge from such a spare verse!

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